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For: IGCSE Coaching Academy anywhere in INDIA.

  • Complete training for the staff will be provided  .
  • Quality support material  in terms of study and revision resources will be provided. 
  • Professional development  worshops will be conducted throught the year.

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( Mention the subject as :IG -Coaching Academy  Support Services)


Teacher training programmes for Upcomming IGCSE schools in India


We also provide necessary support services to schools in India  in terms of teacher training  workshops for IGCSE . The workshops guide the teachers right from selecting the appropriate reference books , to planning their teaching  , in  preparing their own application based teaching materials , to planning assessments and  conducting and assessing mock exams. With our proven expertise we guide you to teach application based skills more skillfully.Our workshops help the teachers to develop the correct teaching styles to develop good application skills in their students.We give you all necessary support to help you establish yourself as a  new yet a reputed school.Remember the major difference between International and Indian boards lies in the application as well as with the content. While teachers do possess the necessary content knowledge they may not be competent to teach application based skills. This makes your transition from an ICSE /State board school to an IGCSE school really a smooth  and a flawless journey.If you feel our services may be of benefit to you, then kindly feel free to email us at:

( Mention the subject as :IG -School Support Services)