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Checkpoints,IGCSE and IBDP Past Papers

You can find IGCSE Physics Past papers (Year wise)  for a large number of years up to the most  recent years on the above link . These papers are absolutely free.

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Here are some sample resources from our new site:

1.1.1-Measuring time-Set-1-qp

1.1.1-Measuring time-Set-1-ms

1.1.1-Measuring time-Set-2-ms

1.1.1-Measuring time-Set-2-qp

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-1-ms

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-1-qp

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-2-ms

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-2-qp

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-3-ms

1.2.1-Measuring volume-Set-3-qp

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-1-ms

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-1-qp

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-2-ms

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-2-qp

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-3-ms

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-3-qp

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-4-ms

1.3.1-Measuring density-Set-4-qp

1.4.1-Measuring lengths-Set-1-ms

1.4.1-Measuring lengths-Set-1-qp

1.1.8-Time period of a simple pendulum-ms

1.1.8-Time period of a simple pendulum-qp

1.7.2-Centre of mass-Set-1-ms

1.7.2-Centre of mass-Set-1-qp

1.7.2-Centre of mass-Set-2-ms

1.7.2-Centre of mass-Set-2-qp

1.5.1-Acceleration of free fall-ms

1.5.1-Acceleration of free fall-qp