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Checkpoints,IGCSE and IBDP Past Papers

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Click on the above link  to get help in Physics/Chem/Math and Bio for IGCSE.

  • IGCSE students from all over the world can post their doubts  in this page on facebook. While Smart Edu Hub will solve the difficulties , students may also help  each other.
  • You may also share resources that you have with each other  too.
  • Students can appear for  free mock tests conducted by Smart Edu Hub. The solutions for the same will be uploaded after a week. Those who wish may solve and email the papers to us for correction at : or at
  • If the group strength is a min of 5 students then we shall conduct free doubt solving sessions once a month at our academy at santacruz.
  • Those who wish to use our library facilities may do so  by visiting our academy.

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