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Admissions in progress for Checkpoint/ IGCSE/ IBDP

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Admissions in progress  for IBDP Math 


/Physics/Chem/Biology/Economics/Business  Studies/Accounts.



Classes are at Santacruz _East-Sunder Nagar.

Home tuition facility also available.

Complete past papers will be provided  to the students of the academy at no additional cost.

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Math-HL-SL- Resources

Math IB-HL-SL-Topicwise questions:

Matrices: Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Differenciations: Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Arcs and sectors: Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Binomial theorem:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Determinants:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Differentiation: Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Exponents-Logs:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Functions-equations:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Graph of trignometric functions:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Identities:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Integration:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Inverse matrices:Question Paper + Answer Sheets

Probability:Question Paper + Answer Sheets


Physics- Resources

IB -question bank 4-Uncertainities-Solutions

  1. Q.Nos: 19/26/27/32/35/39
  2. Q. No 42

IB-additional practise sums on uncertainities


Math- Resources:

  1. Functions: Turning points/Maxima/Minima/Point of inflection
  2. Vectors
  3. Asymptotes