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IGCSE IBDP Online Shop

IGCSE IBDP  Online Shop Videos for Physics/Chemistry/Biology/ HL and SL


Let me brief you about the  IGCSE IBDP online shop. This shop is to help you place customised orders. So suppose, for instance, you are unable to understand a particular topic in Biology in IBD and you want some one to explain it to you. But at the same time, you find  hiring tutors expensive. 

This shop then helps you to request for topic videos  that you find difficult. Each  concept video comes with a membership that lasts till the end of IBDP. Also you can watch it any number of times and hence learning becomes easy. The cost of  this kind of learning  starts from  as less as Rs 500. All you need to do is to contact us via email/ whatsapp and send us the details of the topic that you need help  with. We shall revert back with the charges and thats it!  So you get to place customised video lesson orders.


Complete video lessons for IGCSE Physics and Chemistry are available  on Smart Exam Resources 

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