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Checkpoints/ IGCSE and IBDP Past Papers.

IGCSE past papers for topic wise 0625-Physics, 0620-Chemistry, 0610-Biology , 0580 -Extended Math, 0606-Additional Math, 0607-Cambridge international math and  0455-Economics  are available for easy download as sample copies.These are available completely free.


Following are the links to topic wise past papers for various IGCSE Subjects


0625-IGCSE physics topicwise past papers

0620-IGCSE chemistry  topic wise past papers

0610-IGCSE biology topic wise past  papers

0580-IGCSE Math-extended topic wise past papers

0606-IGCSE Additional Math topic wise past papers

0607-IGCSE Cambridge International Math topic wise past papers

0455-IGCSE Hindi Topic wise past papers

0549-IGCSE Economics Topic wise past papers

0500-IGCSE English-Paper-2-Topic wise papers


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